Optimize your network with software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions to make your business work faster, smarter, and efficiently. Comtel Group is your trusted partner to help you make decisions about which SD-WAN and networking technologies will work best for your business.

We’ll Help You With:

MPLS Replacement and/or Enhancement

Enterprises can opt to replace their MPLS systems entirely, or augment their existing networking investments while customizing WAN connectivity with a hybrid SD-WAN solution. SD-WAN can be a “rip and replace” solution, or — in many uses cases — businesses operate networks where MPLS and SD-WAN coexist. Comtel helps you figure out which approach is right for your business.

High Availability Internet

SD-WAN enables businesses to have multiple internet services supporting their primary connections. Comtel connects your business with the industry’s top networking solutions providers who bring load balancing to your internet service.

QoS Enabled Internet

Quality of Service can be applied to internet and routers to prioritize internet traffic for applications and other business requirements. Comtel works with the top providers of this advanced feature.

Same IP Seamless Failover

With same-IP failover, your IP address doesn’t change, so when one circuit has an outage, your business stays online. Static IP addresses don’t change when your traffic moves among internet service connections, so all of your applications continue to run smoothly. Comtel connects you with the failover provider to keep your business up and running.

Managed or Unmanaged

Managed SD-WAN gives you all the advantages of SD-WAN with none of the headaches. Most SD-WAN vendors want to sell you a box you have to deploy and manage yourself. Managed SD-WAN is a fully-integrated solution that lets you add SD-WAN where and how it best fits your network.

Or, if you prefer to host your own SD-WAN, unmanaged solutions are also available.

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